Interview: Our Face Aurelija Ivanauskaite

Dec 16, 2021

At Aboutwear, we cherish individuality. With that in mind, we wanted our photoshoot to represent our team values and what kind of fashion we imagine. Of course, it's not always easy to rebel against the status quo, but we knew from the very beginning - Aboutwear must lead brands into the future. Today, we're talking with Aurelija Ivanauskaite, one of the faces that represent our brand. She's a very optimistic woman that we totally fell in love with! And for us and you to know better what's behind that smile, we talked!

Aurelija, you are a very inspirational young woman. What is your daily inspiration?

Mainly myself! Especially my younger self. I want to make all her dreams come true. Also, sometimes, inspiration comes from conversations or experiences with other people.

Being comfortable in your body is something a lot of women and men struggle with. What are your thoughts on the issue?

I hate it. It stops people from simply enjoying their lives, deepening the problem. It becomes a never-ending circle of fear and unfulfillment. And I know it takes a lot of courage and that it is scary to receive all kinds of opinions from people that know better. But happiness and ownership of your own life bring so much power. 

What would be your advice for people who are struggling with their identity?

Be around people who help you feel good and content, where you are listened to and feel confident, but leave the room for self-improvement.

Do things that make you forget about all the problems. 

Make your inner child happy.

Push yourself a little to grow. 

Make your dreams come true and see what happens. 

Don't take life too seriously. 

We all don't really know what we are doing and what's going on. :D

How clothing influences your feelings and mood throughout the day?

In order to do things, I have to be comfortable. I have to be able to breathe in my clothes. I cannot be too warm or too cold. I have to be able to sit any way I want. If that is not the case, I feel limited. I am limited. I would love to be a fashionista, but if clothes are all I can think about, it is not worth it for me. 

How do you choose your clothing? Is it something that takes a lot of time, and what are your processes while choosing?

First, I am looking if there is something my size. Then I think it is something I would wear. If it is not, "heck yes!" I'm not buying it. :D And it usually doesn't take much time.

Tell us your favorite Aboutwear pieces!

The first thing that comes to mind is your bra line. They all are incredible. I actually hate wearing bras. The bras that I found before are super uncomfortable! Even painful. I even have a nursing bra because it was the only one my size and comfortable enough. And I'm not talking about the looks aspect of it and how it shapes my breasts. It simply doesn't. :D

But yours are super comfortable with no wires that are sexy and shape the girls very nicely!

What role does sustainability play in your life?

I'm learning. I have my episodes where I need to buy a lot. But I also have tips taught to me by my family that help me be trendy.

What do beautiful people look like to you?

Driven people are the most beautiful and even sexy people to me. They inspire me. 

Also honest and kind. When they are nice to others just because they can, it's not that hard!

Share some inspirational books, movies, or other stuff that left you speechless.

At the moment, I'm reading Running with the wolves. This book is something special! Have you ever thought that you have to face your dark side to change yourself? Also, now women live in a man's world, and our intuition and wild nature are not valid and are dying. 

Also, I recently watched Sex, Love & Goop. Relationships are very important to me, my sexuality as well. When I'm in them, I try to be aware of how I make other people feel and reflect on how I feel. This show showed me new things to improve that connection and how to be more open.

What is one message that you wish to tell to all people?

Stop holding yourself back! And remember, you show how others can treat you. 


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