There’s more to your clothing than you think. Producing virgin fabrics is an incredibly destructive, energy-intensive process. Yet, it is still the most popular method. The textile industry uses 25% of the world's chemical substances and is the cause of one-fifth of the world’s industrial water pollution.

It takes nearly 3000 liters of water to produce just one cotton shirt. In a world where billions of people experience water scarcity each year, it’s imperative for industries to become part of the solution and stop being the cause of the problem.


Tencel™ modal is a fabric created through an environmentally responsible process from the sustainably sourced beech wood. It uses less land and less water that cotton production. In fact, cotton, especially when industrially farmed, to satifsfy global demand, uses up to 20 times more water. Also, growing beech trees does not require pesticides of irrigation.


Beyond it's environmentally responsible production, Tencel™ is one of the most comfortable materials in existence.

The naturally smooth fibers are softer than both cotton and wool. In fact, Tencel™ fibers are twice as fluffy as cotton. The fabric's high flexibility also means that this level of softness is retained for long-lasting enjoyment. The fabrics also have better breathability than traditional materials like cotton, allowing for excellent thermal regulation. Unlike other fabrics on which bacteria tend to grow, Tencel™ fibers are undesirable hosts, making them healthier fabrics to wear. 

Feel good about what you wear

Tencel fibers go on a clean journey from the responsibly managed forest where they are sourced to the high-quality fabrics into which they are made.

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