Recyclable cardboard drawer organizer for your underwear

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This special cardboard drawer organizer can be used to organize your intimates in the closet.

With any purchase of 3 pairs of panties, briefs or bras of your choice, you can get it for free!

Our drawer organizer is made from recycled materials (~85% post-consumer waste / 15% post-industrial waste) and can be recycled itself at the end of it's lifecycle. We also used recyclable water-based ink for the graphics on the box. All materials and production processes are qualified with FSC mix standards (it ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits).

Once the organizer is out of shape, just recycle it with paper. Because it's plastic-free!

It is made domestically in Lithuania. That's where our headquarters and garment production facilities are located too! All within a radius of 100 km!